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Thermal Insulation from the Exterior

Thermal Insulation from the Exterior

ETI: energy efficiency, a sustainable approach and an architectural signature 

A sustainable solution, EWI (External Wall Insulation) according to Myral meets the demands of the Grenelle de l'environnement (the French environmental think tank and round table), which recommends the development of systems designed to improve the weatherproofing and insulation both of new builds and of refurbished and rehabilitated buildings. At stake, controlled consumption of heating, synonymous with a reduction in polluting gases.

A key factor in terms of energy savings, EWI according to Myral guarantees better levels of performance, without the risk of thermal bridges and without requiring any work inside the building.

Besides their exclusive fastening process, Myral insulation and embellishment panels offer easy cutting and a simplified fitting technique (cladding on additional insulant, cladding and offset fastenings). Their polyurethane composition ensures very high-efficiency insulation. The recyclable insulating panels are loaded on lorries without any packing material. They do not produce any dirt. Discarded panels and offcuts can be recycled as supplementary insulation panels. A lacquered aluminium exterior facing offers all possible adaptations and a wide range of design options.

Combining ETI energy efficiency and modern cladding techniques, Myral offers its partner the possibility of adding a unique architectural signature to buildings while meeting stricter regulatory performance levels in terms of energy savings.

Myral Pro, external insulation and façade cladding solutions for public buildings and residential dwellings
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